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This article is not concerning the secrets of buying accommodations property for no money down and half the cost of the market value of the home. I am not Tom Vu or Don Lapre and I’m not in jail.

In Canada, the no money down home did use to exist, however, not anymore. Some banks and/or lenders were ready to lend you the 5% deposit so that you don’t have to pay a dime out of your own pockets to purchase a house. However, given the current financial situation with tighter lending restrictions, there will be no bank or lenders who is able to do that in Canada.

The buying home for half price did use to exist aswell. At one point, foreclosures in Canada would allow foreclosed homes to be sold at very cheap prices. The new law, which includes been in placed for quite some time now require the homes be sold at the highest possible price for foreclosed homes or else the lenders could possibly be sued. Hence, sometimes foreclosed homes sell higher because Canadians have the misconception that foreclosed homes certainly are a excellent deal causing it to possess a reverse affect. There were lots of people buying foreclosed homes believing they got a good deal and not performing a thorough check regarding the actual value of the house.

Now, clearing out the quick money maker myths of shopping for homes, there are still many things you need to be aware of before starting the hill at one north.

If there exist ever an industry with an increase of sneaky sales tactics and money motivated people, it’s got to the true Estate industry. . As a buyer, you will be dishing out $350 000 and everyone wants a piece. The Real Estate Agents want a piece. The lenders want a piece. The lawyers want a bit and the sellers want piece. No wonder there are so many scams in this industry.

The first thing to understand is the Real Estate Agent. AN AGENT is suppose to act in your stead to buy or sell the home. Both the buyer of the home and seller of the house will have their own AGENT called a Buyer’s AGENT and a Seller’s AGENT.

In Canada, each AGENT gets typically 2.5% and sometimes 2% for the commission of selling the house. Some Real Estate Agents provide cash back rewards. Canadian REALTORS gets higher commission than anywhere else. In United States, their REALTORS only get 1% of the commission and their homes are actually much cheaper. Even though Real Estate Agents are the least educated of the parties mixed up in buying home transaction, they seem to be getting the biggest little bit of the pie.

Do not pay attention to their gimmicks on REALTORS are ethical. ( Where do they obtain the idea any Real Estate Agent off the street is ethical. Their claim is founded on these tests that they pass to become a Real Estate Agent. Agents passing a test does not meant hey are ethical. It only means they can remember enough to pass the test.

One would believe it ought to be the Real Estate Agent’s job to help the buyer ensure the home is of value. Rightly so, many buyers depend on the Real Estate Agent to safeguard them and provide them advice and in my opinion, the ethical Real Estate Agent should do that. However, the real reality is that REALTORS do not earn money unless if the home is bought. The reality is that the true Estate Agent’s salary isn’t truly dependent on providing you advice. The Real Estate Agent’s job would be to get the buyer to buy a home through them to allow them to get paid!

Because of this, what eventually ends up happening, are two forms of REALTORS with variations in between. The initial type is the honest agent with the belief “EASILY work hard and treat my buyer right, the buyer will come back to buy more homes from me. The second type is the “I need to get the buyer to buy a house quickly so that I can move on to the next buyer (sucker) so that I can maximize my time for profit.” The bottom line is that you are looking for the first type and you want to avoid the second type.

We’ll call the initial type, the Bad Real Estate Agent. We’ll call the second type, the Good AGENT.

So what sort of characteristics does the Good Real Estate Agent have that the Good Real Estate Agent does not have?

1. The first characteristic is Patience. Bad REALTORS will attempt to sell you a house quickly to have the money quickly. Do not purchase a house without spending considerable time looking at a number of different homes. Be careful of tactics such as REALTORS claiming it’s the perfect and acting just like a salesman rather than offering you information.g

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